Sound bath (5).png

Men's Sound Bath at PFC

Monday, March 14th

7pm in the PFC Pavilion (Outdoors by Wally's Playground)

Cost: $10 per person (Sign up in advance - click the button below)

Childcare is available.

*Bring a pillow, a blanket, and an exercise mat. Wear comfortable clothes.*

About the Sound Bath:


Sound bath is a practice that helps us integrate and inhabit our bodies and spirituality. Join this sound bath led by Somer Waters at PFC as we go deeper into loving God with our heart, soul, mind, & strength (Mark 12:30).

Led by Somer Waters, this sound bath is about harnessing our breath, our "every moment fuel source", and honoring space to cultivate this breath knowledge. Increasing our uptake of oxygen through deep, controlled breathing helps us create physical and emotional balance, connect with God, and even helps us support the loved ones and community around us.


During the time, Somer guides the group in a 3-part breathwork practice and then hold you in a rested state for 45 min to an hour. We also take time to reflect afterward.


Check out this example of one of Somer & Skye's sound baths: