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Holy Week & Easter Sunday 2022

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"I am because we are. . ."

Ubuntu philosophy, Southern Africa


As we walk with Jesus into life, death, and resurrection, we grow in our experience of love, and we recognize that no person truly exists without community. One of Jesus' greatest works is to bring down walls of separation that prevent connection between humans and God, and humans and each other.


We are all one in Christ Jesus (Gal. 3:28)

Stations of the Cross

April 13-15 | 11am - 8pm

April 16 | 11am - 4pm

At Pasadena Foursquare Church (174 Harkness Ave, Pasadena)


Join an interactive and reflective experience that engages the final hours of Jesus' life on earth through artistic expression, scripture, and music. Walk through the art stations and a prayer labyrinth, which offer space to participate in the intersection of Jesus' life with ours today.


Easter Sunday 

April 17 | 10am

Join this celebratory gathering of worship, special music, dance and scripture!

Kids church & Easter egg hunt too!

In person at PFC & online via YouTube.

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