Holy Week and Easter 2019


At the heart of Christianity is the intersection of God's infinite love and the finite human experience. The Way of Jesus' Cross is the path of liberating love and resurrection in the midst of a suffering world.

Journeying through the Way of the Cross is an invitation to rest from activity, reflect upon human meaning, and reorient our lives to give space for the Easter narrative. These intersections form and fill us with the experiential love of Christ.

PFC is a spiritual community on this journey - which includes intersections of wonder, doubt, pain, loss, joy, confusion, hope, trust, love and transformation.

Intersection: A Formational Art Experience
at 174 Harkness Ave, Pasadena, CA 91106

Tues, 04.16.19 |  6pm-8pm
Wed, Thurs, Fri 04.17-04.19  |  10am-8pm
Sat. 04.20.19 | 10am-4pm (Labyrinth not open Saturday)

Labyrinth Prayer Walk
Open during during the Intersection art experience.
Guided Labyrinth walk for women | Tues. 7-8pm
Guided Labyrinth walk for all | Wed. 7-8pm 

Easter Sunday

Sun. 04.21 | 10am

Coffee and Breakfast Bites at 9:30am
Kid's Church & Egg Hunt: Pre-K - 5th Grade