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At our Annual Congregation Meeting, we announced the opportunity for PFC to move from a Foursquare charter church to a Foursquare covenant church. This is a step that would open up possibilities for the future of PFC in an exciting way!

If you call PFC your home, YOU are a part of making this decision. A move to becoming a covenant church requires a member vote (taking place on Feb. 20th) to move forward, so we invite you to get informed!

The concept of covenant church within Foursquare creates new options for local Foursquare churches to own and manage real property, which is a contrast to Foursquare’s historical model for property ownership where title to real property has been jointly owned by all Foursquare churches via corporate structure.

For all the details, you can watch our livestream Congregation Meeting from yesterday, as well as a helpful video from Foursquare that outlines the process. You can also find more in depth information about everything entailed in this move on Foursquare’s website. Below you’ll also find information about 2 Zoom call opportunities to ask questions and hear from our council members.

Important Dates:

Wednesdays, February 9th at 7pm - Q&A Zoom Call with PFC Council

Wednesday, February 16th at 7pm - Q&A Zoom Call with PFC Council

Sunday, February 20th at 10am - PFC Community Vote Day

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